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Why Choose Felice?

My mission is to make health, wellness and healing easy, accessible, relatable and fun.
I provide personalized health coaching to support you in achieving your health and wellness goals through nutrition, self-care and shifts in beliefs.
“You can still eat healthy while on a busy schedule! Check out these tips! “

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Improving Health

What are your biggest goals for improved health and wellness?

Meditation Methods

There are many kinds of meditation and no matter how busy you are, we can find one that works for you.

Exercise Program

Learn how to maintain your optimal balance through moving your body daily; walking, running, dancing, swimming, yoga.

Healthy Daily Life

Let’s create a balance for your body, mind and spirit.

Physical Activity

Our bodies are meant to move. Let’s find what is sustainable for yours.

Balance Body & Mind

Become aware of the connection between your mind and body.